VTA Individual Memberships now available!


The Vapor Technology Association has opened its doors to individual memberships! 

“This membership will elevate the voices of vapers and those individuals who believe in vaping and engage them in the fight with access to cutting-edge advocacy tools,” the VTA said in a press release cited by the Vaping Post news site.

Vape AdvocacyIndividual memberships costs $25 a year.
Since VTA is on the ground in D.C. and in the state capitals, they are able to provide their members with the most up-to-date information on all things vape related. The individual memberships puts you in the position to be part of one of the most sophisticated and established lobbying efforts. The Vapor Technology Association has executed the most advanced and successful pro-vapor advocacy campaigns and is taking it to the next level! Along with your membership you will gain access to discounts on vapor products from participating stores all over the country.