Say No to a Flavor Ban in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix City Council was just introduced a possible flavor ban.

A flavor ban in Phoenix AZ is being introduced to the Phoenix City Council, we need to make our voices heard. The hearing on October 14th, 2020 had more than 90 people from retailers, health care advocates, and consumers requesting to speak. Adult consumers depend on flavors to quit cigarettes. Studies like the one published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that adults using flavored e-cigarette products were 2.3x more likely to quit smoking combustible cigarettes. Along with consumers, flavor bans are extremely harmful to small businesses. Flavors represent approximately 96% of e-liquid sales for local vape shops from the economic impact report showcased on Arizona Smoke Free Business Alliance website.. This ban would result in a 78% loss of revenue and the closure of all 36 locally owned vape shops in Phoenix. Flavor ban in Phoenix AZ

Those that are for the ban are trying to use children as their main focus for the reason for banning flavors. Alexa Wohrman a community advocacy advisor with the American Heart Association Greater Phoenix Division, told subcommittee members, “Fruit, mint, menthol and candy flavors make tobacco products more attractive to kids because they mask the harsh taste of tobacco and make these products seem harmless.” But flavors are not the main reason young people try e-cigarettes. The most recent National Youth Tobacco Survey conducted by the CDC provides some insight into youth behaviors. In this survey  conducted in 2019, almost 80% of young people said that something other than flavors led to trying e-cigarettes. 

We need our voices to be heard. We urge you to continue to contact your law makers to oppose this potential flavor ban! Briefly share your story about switching to vaping and what role that flavors play in helping you live smoke free. Also note any health changes you’ve experienced. Discuss what losing access to a local supply of vapor products will mean for you. Always be kind and respectful when sending your message. CLICK HERE to send your message!

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