Oregon Vote NO on Measure 108 this November

Oregon Measure 108 Vape Tax

A vape tax has been introduced in Oregon which would increase the tax on vape products by 65% of the wholesale price. Oregon voters please make sure to VOTE NO on measure 108 on the November Ballot! A 65% tax increase would do series harm to local vape businesses and to the end user. By increasing the tax on less harmful alternatives, this would push consumers to buy from neighboring states or online. Sales would dwindle in local small vape businesses which would force them to close up shop. This would lead to a lot of lost jobs.Oregon “Taxes on traditional cigarettes are intended to discourage use. But, e-cigarettes and other smoke-free tobacco products are estimated to be 98 – 99% less harmful than smoking. Discouraging use of these low-risk products is counter to the goals of reducing smoking rates.” quoted from Casaa.org

Again Oregon residents please VOTE NO on MEASURE 108. Keep less harmful alternatives accessible to adults and keep small businesses alive in your state!

You can also join the fight at www.oregonvta.org and keep up to date on important vape related information by signing up to our Newsletter.