Colorado VOTE NO to Prop EE and Make your Voice Heard

Colorado VOTE NO to Prop EE

What is Prop EE? Prop EE is a tax introduced Colorado which would increase the tax of nicotine-containing vapor products starting in 2021 if voted in. The tax would start at 30% in 2021 and overtime will increase to 62% by 2027. Prop EE requires Colorado residents to be voted on in the November ballots. We urge that Colorado VOTE NO to Prop EE on November 2020! Big taxes on tobacco products hurt small vape businesses and vape users overall. It increases the prices on vape products exponentially more then cigarettes. This makes it harder for people looking to find a better alternative to combustible cigarettes to make the switch and for local vape shops to stay open.

For reference, Pennsylvania passed a 40% vape tax in July 2016, which Elizabeth Stelle, director of policy analysis for the commonwealth foundation said, “The wholesale tax on vape shops was incredibly destructive to a very new industry.” She also said, “By the fall of 2016 shops began to close because owners could not afford to continue to do business.” We need to lead Colorado in a different path than Pennsylvania by voting NO to Prop EE this November. Keeping vape shops open helps adult smokers find a better alternative to combustible cigarettes! 

Colorado VOTE NO to Prop EE on the November Ballot!

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