Cochrane Review Asks Can Vaping Help You Quit Smoking?

Cochrane Review

A new publication by the Cochrane Review shows “moderate-certainty evidence” that smoking quit rates were higher in participants using vaping products than those assigned nicotine replacement therapy products. Even though there has been a low amount of randomized control trials that included vaping, the Cochrane researchers found vapes to be likely superior to other nicotine replacement therapy products like gums or patches. The Cochrane researchers also stated that data from non-randomized studies also showed results consistent with the randomized control trials.

Cochrane Vaping

The Cochrane review is an update of a 2014 review which contains 50 studies, including 26 randomized control trials. In the publication it found users of vaping products did not have more serious health issues than nicotine replacement therapy product users or others using no quit aid at all. A senior author on the new review, Dr. Peter Hajek said, “The results of this new review of randomized trials of vaping tally with other evidence from cohort and epidemiological studies, suggesting that for many smokers, e-cigarettes represent an effective tool for quitting smoking.” He also said, “e-cigarettes are a form of nicotine replacement that is more attractive to smokers and that seems more effective than nicotine replacement therapy products.”